Azea Personal Coaching’s goal is to empower individuals with the right investment mindset and strategies. We strive to help individuals create a plan and provide them with practical tools that they can realistically implement to create cash flow to retire with. Our vision it to charter a plane and have those who achieved cash flow to retire with and also those who invested in properties all over the world with us to fly together to visit our investments.

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Azea Personal Coaching - To empower people to attain financial freedom by building Passive Income

Azea Property Investment - To Empower People to Attain Financial Freedom by Building Passive Income through Property Investment


Azea Personal Coaching - To build a wise, loving and positive family that grows and contributes
Azea Property Investment - To build a wise, loving and positive family that grows and contributes

Our Azea Team

Tan Yang Po

Tan Yang Po has transformed a business from US$3 million to US$128 million in just 5 years. She has established a network over 52 countries.
Yang Po authored the book, Cash Your Passion: What Text Books Don't Teach About How to Start and Manage Successful Businesses.She was also the Director of Yves Saint Laurent Beaute, Asia Pacific. During that time, she oversaw 22 countries in the region.Yang Po now owns 2 businesses; Azea Personal Coaching and Azea Property Investment.

Soo Ming Chiang

Success is all about the Willingness to Learn and Do. A lot of people failed because they thought they have master the knowledge or they do not have the willingness to do what they have learnt. MC Soo started as a professional working in the IT industry in Singapore and later became the Country Manager of one of the leading consulting firm in Financial Services Industry. He founded a few other businesses over the years and they are still running as of today. He has great passion in Property Investment. He was formerly a student of Yang Po, and has benefited greatly from Yang Po's teaching.

He strongly believes that "if you want something bad enough and have the willingness to take massive actions, you will get it". He learnt this throughout his professional careers and now as a Property Investor. He enjoys sharing and teaching people who wants to get out of the rat race and contribute positively to our society.

Robert Paulose

Joining the corporate world has its pros and cons, which I found out the hard way. Financial freedoom has been something I thought must be attained in a short period of time in life, however the faster I wanted to be rich the poorer I became. This happened because of lack of knowledge, especially financial knowledge. I was fortunate enough to travel around the world and learn from company CEO’s on the art of turning around businesses, which eventually I applied successfully in property investment.

There are many investments out there, you name it, I have done it. Lesson learned - the best investment so far in medium to long term is Property Investment - ” Period “. My passion for property has made me attend numerous financial related seminars, learning from different property gurus and investing in properties for the past 15 years. However my search for the ultimate guru stopped after meeting Yang Po and AZEA. Truly I saw the sincerity and professionalism in AZEA, which is second to none. In AZEA, we have fun all the time, I mean serious fun. The opportunity I get now, as a speaker is priceless as empowering people is so fulfilling.

Brennan Khor
Sales Manager

Brennan is an excellent communicator and has helped many multi-national companies in the biosciences, consumer, lifestyle, technology and telco industries reach their communication objectives and achieve business growth.

With his experience in real estate, Brennan has successfully marketed and transacted over millions worth of properties and helped many owners achieve positive sales for their properties, regardless of the economy. He has also helped many buyers and investors acquire their dream houses and achieve positive cash flow through their investments.

Highly energetic and optimistic, Brennan is very passionate about helping others and touching lives. He strives to help as many people as possible realize and achieve their investment and retirement goals.

Kate Lai
Office Manager (Singapore)

Kate's enterprising virtue has brought her to the current set up. She is an independent individual who is willing to learn so as to progress in her career. Azea is bringing her closer towards her goal.

Kenny Loh

I attended Azea's seminar in Malaysia and the speaker quoted: 'Success is not about what you know but WHO you know'. This line struck me instantly as I realized that one of the fastest ways to achieve financial freedom is to learn from someone who has made it. Coming from a Mass Communication background has also equipped me with the ability to think out-of-the-box.

To me, life is too short to feel miserable. This is why I am very optimistic; I tend to look for the positives when I encounter difficulties. I am very passionate and enthusiastic in helping others change their life through property investment. Azea has provided me the platform to achieve my goals.

Aishah Aziz

Aishah is an IT graduate who is extremely passionate about creating cash flow and building property portfolio. To pursue her interest, she challenged herself by resigning from her stable job in the banking sector to learn from a MENTOR whom she believes in. She is now on the right path to achieve financial freedom.

Felicia Wee
Marketing Executive (Singapore)

“Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.”

At a young age, I believes that being able to learn something which cannot be learned in schools is more valuable than anything else. Being part of Azea has allows me to gain new knowledge about property investments which I never thought of learning. What Azea has taught me is more than just general administration which I’ve been taught in schools. This knowledge will definitely follow me for the rest of my life, and not only that, I will also be able to apply what I’ve learned.

To learn is one thing, to have fun is another – work hard, play hard. This is also what Azea has taught me. I truly believe that I will gain the best experience, pick up more skills along the way and also perform to the best of my ability in Azea. Thank you Azea for giving me such a wonderful opportunity.

Angeline Teh
Project Executive

I always believe in this phrase, “Determination is the driving force to reach the peak”, and it has been the main source of motivation for me all this while. I’m determined to be the best and I always believe I will be. As a fresh graduate, I am grateful that Azea has given me a chance to learn new knowledge in investment. Since then, a new aim of mine is to achieve financial freedom, just like the other Azea members. Thanks Azea for being a great platform to achieve my goal.

Fendy Nazri
Property Executive

“It’s not what the world holds for you. It’s what you bring to it.” – L.M. Montgomery (Anne of Green Gables). Fendy has always believed that the world can become a better place, if we set our hearts to it. A Degree holder in Real Estate, he like to meet new people, get to know them better, and help them whenever he can. He has helped Malaysian locals, clients and staffs from multi-national companies, embassies and relocation companies to find accommodation in major areas such as Mont Kiara, Bangsar and KLCC, whether it is for a short or long stay. Experienced in handling investment portfolio for clients (investors) to enhance their properties capital appreciation, return on investment and diversification, he has also helped satisfied clients in selling and renting their properties, as well as investing on multiple properties.

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